SimpleVeda Partners with Floracopeia!

Simpleveda is now partnered with Floracopeia, a global botanical therapeutics and essential oils provider. Through Floracopeia we are now able to provide you with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures! I want to share this with you and I have included a “Special Aromatherapy Essence” invitation to try these amazing products with a special 25% off discount when purchased online only.tulsi-bottle-10

To receive the discount, simply enter the referral code simpleveda in the box on Floracopeia’s Website. to receive a special 25% off coupon code just for you!

I have been using and referring my clients to Floracopeia since 2009 and I love their essential oils and you will too!!

Floracopeia was established by David Crow to help preserve and promote the use of pure, organic, sustainable essential oils and aromatherapy products. As you explore the world of fragrances extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and woods you will gain an appreciation and better understanding of the healing benefits.

If we haven’t yet explored Aromatherapy in your sessions, we will soon! Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for discounts throughout the year!

Divine healing,


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